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Hier ein kurzer Ausschnitt von Homer mit seiner neuen Stimme. Ich finde dass man das nicht besser. Start der neuen Simpsons-Staffel: Homer Simpson (rechts) trennt sich von Marge und bandelt mit einer viel jüngeren Apothekerin an. A Simpsons Flash online game where you can actually explore the Simpsons house - includes speech samples and music.

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Even before then, they also were at the very least acquaintances, notably being invited to barbecues by Homer, as well as Homer and Wiggum, alongside the other townspeople, often plotting to do activites when they are annoyed at recent events such as their wives pushing them away because of Apu overindulging his wife for Valentine's Day, and the events of the Presidential Election in Springfield. They spend a lot of time together watching TV, yet Bart doesn't view Homer as a father figure, and although they spend a lot of time together, Homer doesn't take much of an interest in his life. Despite this, Homer is often tempted with other women, and usually shows no qualms with gawking at and drooling over attractive women. He is playable, along with Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie only on certain parts. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Von A bis Z Zufälliger Artikel. However, his brief periods of intelligence are overshadowed by much longer and more consistent periods of ignorance, forgetfulness and stupidity. He has been part of several bands which were all extremely popular. Orville Simpson and Jay Olsen Grandmothers: He also admitted that in addition to sleeping in church, he also mentally undresses the female churchgoers. Marge hat Homer schon oft rausgeschmissen - und sie hatte immer einen Grund. In the late s, while Homer was between nine and twelve years of age, Mona went into hiding following a run-in with the law. Homer's inclusion in many Simpsons publications, toys, and other merchandise is evidence of his enduring popularity. Ihr Kommentar zum Thema. Homer was voted the greatest television character of all time by Channel 4 viewers. They attended a conventions together and nearly had an affair. He went to work at a taco restaurant called the Gulp 'n' Blow , until Marge found him and convinced him to return home with her. The story level is called Ritter kampf spiele Mysterious Voyage of Homer. He chucks pies in the faces of evildoers or people who deserve to be pied, uses the basement as a Pie Cave and his car as the Piemobile. Season 11 Season 12 Season 13 Season 14 Season 15 Season 16 Season 17 Season 18 Season 19 Season Homer Thompson [1] Pieman Max Power [2] El Homo Thad Supersperm "Bald Mommy" [3]. Burns and Waylon Smithersand Kang and Kodos. His eyes are black and he is 6 feet tall cm. Neue Stimme für Homer Simpson "Von der Figur sind sie sich nicht unähnlich" Beinahe 25 Jahre verlieh Norbert Gastell der Trickfigur Homer Simpson seine Stimme. She started dating Krusty the Clown , and eventually, Homer fought him to win her back. In Homer the Heretic , he quits church altogether but later chooses to go as he was saved from an inferno, which is in his eyes a miracle. He had been called in to pitch a series of animated shorts, and had intended to present his Life in Hell series. Homer is one of the playable characters in The Simpsons Bowling , along with Marge, Bart, Lisa, Mr. home simpsons


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